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"I'm amazed at the detail!" -- "His colors are so vivid, they jump right out at you!" -- "I love his Texas Bluebonnets, I feel I could Pick Them!" -- "His storm scenes are awesome!" These are some of the common statements you hear from viewers of oil paintings or limited edition prints of Texas Artist B. Herd. Their amazement at his work is increased even more when they learn he is self taught!

Although born in Dallas in 1934, Herd spent his early years in the Panhandle. Later he moved to Austin, San Antonio and Fort Worth, where he completed his junior and high school education and graduated with honors from Texas Christian University earning a degree in Business Administration.

He started his hobby of oil painting in 1968 to relax after the day's retail stress.Ann, his wife, started selling his work at various art shows in 1971 and immediately enjoyed customer acceptance.Herd continued his retail profession while working hard to develop what is today, clearly "The B. Herd Style".

In 1981 he and Ann opened a gallery in Dallas' Olla Podrida Mall and enjoyed 15 years of developing their own art business where Herd has enjoyed world wide notoriety. The mall and gallery closed in July 1996. The gallery is now located in Salado, Texas at Old Town Salado #12, Salado Texas 76571.

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